my way to stop fixing is definitely to start doing. I'm always waiting for perfect moments. for the perfect time to use my new pretty beach towel. for the perfect moment and the perfect location to start teaching yoga (or better: for a perfect me, that is perfect in teaching). the perfect wardrobe for my room. unfortunately, as I sit there, dreaming of what my life should perfectly look like, nothing happens. so I decided recently to change that. I used my new towel in my garden (who needs a beach?) and I'm looking for a studio in my neighborhood to finally start teaching (I guess we are all learning by doing) and I spotted a wardrobe that may not be perfect, but will do this trick.


[life in squared brackets.]



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für die zwischenzeit...
für die zwischenzeit hab ich ein bildertagebuch...
lou. - 24. Mrz, 10:58
und dann ist mir die...
und dann ist mir die vegetarische mortadella (mit hühnereieiweiß!)...
lou. - 17. Feb, 20:16
tak for din beställning...
Ein Hotelzimmer ganz für mich alleine. Ganz spontan...
lou. - 17. Feb, 20:05
2013, buchstaben und...
Januar Im Januar hab ich mich der Disziplin gewidmet...
lou. - 3. Jan, 19:51

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